About Startouch Media

Startouch Media is a corporate video production company operating across numerous media channels and categories.Our location also benefits from having fantastic road and airport links allowing us to deliver projects across Delhi and beyond.

We combine professionalism with flexibility, an incredible passion for filmmaking and storytelling with genuine creativity, and commercial awareness with the drive to deliver compelling, brand-enhancing Corporate Videos that surpass our client expectations.

We create dynamic motion pictures for some of the world’s most admired companies and people.

Startouch Media isn’t in the business of being creative. We’re in the business of using creativity to persuade audiences on behalf of our clients.

Our staff of writers, directors, producers, and editors draw on their diverse experiences in film, creative advertising, music, social media, journalism, and reality TV to create projects that connect with audiences intellectually and emotionally.

The founding Directors have over thirty years experience filming with some of the India’s biggest companies, so you can be sure your project is in very safe hands.

At Startouch Media we absolutely love video. We’re hugely passionate about creating videos for every single client. For us your video is a great chance to tell a fantastic story and to ensure the audience is moved by the content. Whatever your call-to-action and whatever your objectives, we’ll help you produce a film that delivers on these.

About our work

We have the pleasure of working with all types of companies from a wide range of industries. As our client, you will benefit from a full service team working closely with you to bring your ideas and projects to life.

To gain a full understanding of how we can deliver your project, please take a look at our work. If you have a new, original idea in mind, please let us know. We love a challenge and are always excited to attempt something that has never been done before!

We are passionate about every client project, giving due care and attention to every single detail from conception to completion so that you get the results you need.

why Startouch Media?

Because we are unreasonably ambitious. We want to make the best work and be the best place to work.

At Startouch Media, we take time to understand your business, your brand and your customers so that we can deliver a corporate video production that not only meets your requirements, but also astounds and delights you. Meeting your expectations is a given – exceeding them is our speciality.

We believe that great ideas are a decisive advantage. A great idea can persuade the blind to suddenly see. The deaf to finally hear.

We welcome the impossible idea. When it comes to our clients’ ambitions and aspirations, we believe we can accomplish anything.

We are a full service video agency, an end-to-end solution. Our process is comprehensive and we put a strong emphasis on pre-production planning. We understand that you might not know what you want yet, or you might have specific outcomes you want to see from your video but you’re not sure how to achieve them. When you work with Startouch Media you are not just buying a video, we’ll work closely with you at all stages of the process and guide you through your options so we can develop a strong and suitable concept from the beginning.

What makes us different?

We are different. We just can’t help it. The way we work means we can produce more effective video content for a smaller piece of your marketing budget, and still keep the passion that makes it fun to come into work each day. Our core team is supported by a carefully selected network of freelancers, which means we can tailor our crew to our clients’ needs on an individual basis. This ensures we continue to pull in the best talent for each job, and allows us to keep our overheads low and our fees competitive.