About Us

Startouch Media Info Private Limited

Star Touch Media is a Social Media exchange portal brought to you by Startouch Media Info Private Limited Private Limited. Our job is to make every customer interaction as powerful and meaningful as possible, increasing your marketing performance. And we’ve done it for some of the world’s best-known brands.

From social media outreach to email and digital advertising, there are now more choices for digital campaigning than ever before. The Star Touch Media team will help you reach your audience wherever they go online via Facebook, Twitter, or even their individual IP address.

Star Touch Media’s system can target specific internet users within a specific household or business location, and deliver ads via virtually any website, whether cookies are turned on or not. Your matched targets will see your ads as many times as you choose, and you’ll only pay to reach the exact leads within your defined universe.

We refine campaigns daily, adjusting numerous parameters to optimize results: website, device, browser, time of day/day of week, frequency, page placement, ad format, message and much more.